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Human Leptin ELISA Kit
Human Leptin ELISA Kit
Catalog NumberK0332113
Manual/Data Sheet
* This manual on-line is just for reference. The contents of this datasheet are subject to change from lot to lot.
Human Leptin ELISA Kit contains all components required for the quantitative measurement of natural and/or recombinant Human Leptin in a sandwich ELISA format.
  • Pre-coated 96-well Microplate
  • Biotin conjugated detection antibody
  • Standard Protein (Recombinant cytokine for generating standard curve)
  • Color Development Enzyme (Streptavidin-HRP conjugate)
  • Color Development Reagent (TMB Solution)
  • Assay Diluent
  • Stop Solution
  • Wash Buffer (20X)
  • Plate Sealers
Standard Curve Range
32-2000 pg/ml
1 year at 2-8°C
Sample Type
Serum, Plasma, Supernatants from cell cultures
ELISA Kit Brochure
Elisa Kit Brochure
Click image to download.
Citation List
  • Effect of 8 Weeks of High Intensity Interval Training on Plasma Levels of Adiponectin and Leptin in Overweight Nurses S Avazpor, JF Kalkhoran, HA Amini Novelty in Biomedicine, 2016 (pdf)
  • Cytoplasmic and nuclear leptin expression in lacrimal gland tumours: a pilot study YJ Kim, YS Kim, S Chin, JS Yoon, SY Lee, CY Kim British Journal of Ophthalmology, 2015 (abstract)
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