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Tris-Glycine-PAG Pre-cast Gel, SDS, 4-12% 1.0mm 10well

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Size 10/pk
Tris-Glycine-PAG System is a precast gel for accurate and convenient separation of proteins. Single and gradient concentration gels provide excellent separations without spending valuable time casting gels. Non-SDS gels do NOT contain SDS, so both native and denatured running can be done with this system by choosing appropriate buffer systems
• Pre-Cast SDS-PAGE system for protein analysis
• Both native and denatured condition available
• Gel Matrix : Acrylamide / Bis-Acrylamide
• Homogeneous % : 4,6,8,10,12,14,16,18,20%
• Gradient % : 4-12, 4-15, 4-20, 8-16, 10-20, 10-25%
• Gel Buffer : Tris-HCl
• Gel Size : 8 x 8 cm
• Gel Thickness : 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm
• Cassette Size : 10 x 10 cm
• Recommended Buffer
1) Tris-Glycine Native Sample Buffer (2x) Cat. No. KTG020N
2) Tris-Glycine Native Running Buffer (10x) Cat. No. KTG030N
3) Tris-Glycine SDS Sample Buffer (2x) Cat. No. KTG020
4) Tris-Glycine SDS Sample Buffer (5x) Cat. No. KTG020-5
5) Tris-Glycine SDS Running Buffer (10x) Cat. No. KTG030
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