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EzWay Hot Taq PCR MasterMix (2x)

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Size 5ml
2X EzWay™ Hot Taq PCR MasterMix is a premixed solution containing Hot Taq DNA Polymerase, Hot Taq PCR Buffer, dNTPs, dye and additives. Hot Taq DNA Polymerase, a chemically modified form of Taq DNA Polymerase, provides high specificity in hot-start PCR.
Room-temperature reaction setup using 2X EzWay™ Hot Taq PCR MasterMix is fast and easy. Simply add 1 volume of primers and template DNA diluted in the distilled water into equal volume of 2X EzWay™ Hot Taq PCR MasterMix. Pipetting steps are minimized, reducing the possibility of errors and contamination. The combination of high specificity and easy handling makes the 2X EzWay™ Hot Taq PCR MasterMix ideal for use with complex genomic or cDNA templates, multiple primer pairs, templates isolated from difficult sources, genetic screening in which large numbers of samples are amplified, quantitative real-time PCR and laboratory PCR automation.
• High PCR specificity
• Reduced non-specific amplification
• Simple reaction setup at room temperature
• Easy PCR handling
• Minimal optimization required
• High reproducibility
• 2X EzWay™ Hot Taq PCR MasterMix
• 4X Magic Buffer