Cytokine ELISA Kit


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Rat IL-1 beta ELISA Kit

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Size 96well
Rat IL-1 beta ELISA Kit contains all components required for the quantitative measurement of natural and/or recombinant Rat IL-1 beta in a sandwich ELISA format.
Standard Curve Range
47-3000 pg/ml (It is changeable, so please contact us about the detection range of the latest batch.)
Sample Type
Serum, Plasma, Supernatants from cell cultures
• Pre-coated 96-well Microplate
• Biotin conjugated detection antibody
• Standard Protein (Recombinant cytokine for generating standard curve)
• Color Development Enzyme (Streptavidin-HRP conjugate)
• Color Development Reagent (TMB Solution)
• Assay Diluent
• Stop Solution
• Wash Buffer (20X)
• Plate Sealers
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